Eyes Fixed On Jesus – Pouring Out Our Hearts To The Lord

Lilyband Psalmist Prophetic Worship & Prayer


This Is The Jesus Generation

Welcome Beloved of the Lord! Be extremely encouraged! The Blood of our Lord Yeshua has prevailed over all of our enemies….so Be Free! Almighty and Holy is His Faithful Name and LOVE!  Oh, how HE LOVES YOU! He is Good! As His Beloved we are a generation that is fervently seeking the face of Jesus Yeshua.

Millions of precious people all over the earth of every tribe, tongue, Nation and age are crying out to feel and know the Holy Fathers loving Presence. Seek His Holy Face and eyes of Holy Fire!  He is multiplying and bringing His Holy Loving Presence to us all as we truly worship Him in Spirit and in truth and in the beauty of  holiness by the leading of His precious Holy Spirit. Without Him we can do nothing. He is making known the knowledge of His Glory all over the Earth as the waters cover the sea!!! We are so thankful He is letting us help Him to do so. Join us in spontaneous worship as we enter His Holy Heart and feel His love and receive His truth that changes our lives as He wills forever. He is so Awesome, Holy and Worthy.

We encourage you to clear your schedule and make sure you are available to worship and get fully equipped in these Holy Spirit and Fire Revival Meets. You can receive all that the Holy Father wills for you Beloved! You are also invited to be encouraged and fed as you freely visit the 24/7 Roar from Zion prophetic worship radio  here online. You will hear prayer intercessions and decrees for the Nations and Cities, new spontaneous songs of worship sung to the Holy Father from His Word.

Hear His truth in love sung over you as is spoken of in Psalm 96. Join in agreement with us as we declare His Holy will over the Nations!  So powerful are the unity prayers of the Children of YAH.  You are very loved and your needs are important to us.

Lives Being Changed In The Holy Father’s Presence

“We continue to use your prophetic worship music in our House of Prayer beloved Lilies….Father is so glorified in these new songs releasing Healing, reviving life, breakthroughs, fresh fire, living rivers of water to our soul, hope, faith and Agape love is so poured into our hearts as we worship with your music. We thank our Father for the gift of YOU, and Stand in prayer with you for the GLORY of YAHSHUA and His Kingdom to bathe the nations with Agape Love light! Have Your glory King of GLORY in this place!!!!! Deep Agape!” – dd

“I was the tall 27 yr old who lost his wife to cancer last year and blamed God for it. I ran from the Lord and was depressed for 6 months didn’t go no where nor do anything I didn’t want to even be around people. Really didn’t care to hear about the word of God being preached nor taught I was mad at God and I couldn’t get rid of the anger or bitterness but tonight I surrendered totally to the Lord in total repentance and God touched me with his amazing life changing power. I felt as if a lightening bolt went through my entire being I was shaking from head to toe under his warm embracing power it felt like liquid fire! I’m so happy to be back in the arms of my loving Heavenly Father and starting tonight is the night to mark a NEW fresh beginning in my life for the Lord, ministry and future! I received a fresh touch from the master’s hand that set my life on fire once again! You can never fall too far from the Lord He’s always there watching and waiting with His amazing loving arms stretched out wide waiting for you to come back home. GLORY TO JESUS!” Brandon Barnett

“Your music has been such an influence on my family and I. Since we began worshiping with your prophetic worship music, we have reached a higher level of intimacy with our Lord Yeshua, and have been radically changed through our time with Him. Chains have been broken, hearts have been healed, and lives have been cleansed and washed with the water of His word. We have received so much wisdom and insight on deeper things of the Spirit, through Lily Band, and have learned the ways of purifying our homes and hearts and living more devoted to our Lord and Savior Yeshua. We love you Rhonda and Gary, thank you for your faithfulness in guiding us to a deeper knowing of Yahweh, and for being our good shepherds. We love you and bless your ministry in Yeshuas Holy name!!” – Angela C

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