about us? It’s not about us, its about Him! He is Most High, perfectly loving, our Holy and Awesome Worthy Father! Yes, He is all worthy of true deep worship and praise, thanks and highest honor! We are only His Beloved Children and He has sent us to do what He wills. We are His and not our own. We know that Yeshua His Son has destroyed all of His enemies and by His Holy Blood is all victorious therefore we are all victorious because we are in Him and He is in us!  We are His Beloved covered by His Blood and kept under His perfect loving care. Our Lord Yeshua Jesus is the true Vine and we are His branches. There is nothing good that we can do apart from Him the true Vine our Savior the Holy Christ. We give Him and Holy Father YAHWEH all Thanks, Honor and Glory for all we are, have done, are doing and will do as He leads and empowers us by His precious Holy Spirit. It is He that does Awesome works thru His people by His love, Almighty power and Holy Word.

Our Holy Father YAHWEH is our first Love, our Music and our Song. We give our all to Him, for Him. He is our audience. He has given us the command and call to make known His Glory through out all the earth even as the waters cover the sea and to feed and lead His people His truth in love thru our lives, our songs and thru preaching His Word. We love to truly and deeply worship Him in Spirit and in truth and we would love for you to follow us into His Holy Presence, the Holy of Holy places where we are deep and close into His heart as He wills for His children to be wrapped up in His arms under His wings beholding His Glorious beauty, feeling His love and inquiring of Him. We are seated with Christ, high in Heavenly places far above all enemies. Ruling and Reigning with Him as Kings and Priests for our God. This is where we hear His Heavenly rhythms, new sounds, melodies and harmonies here on the earth even as it is there in His Heaven, thus this is Revelation Worship. About 10 years ago what started out to be our written and composed worship songs with a rock, blues and folky edge turned into a harp and bowl style worship with times of spontaneity in the worship and praise and has now grown into a much deeper, more pure, closer worship experience with our Holy Father, closer than we ever imagined it could be now with an even much greater spontaneous and prophetic deep true worship, fervent prayer and praise with spontaneously composed new music and sounds capes. His Holy Spirit leads us to sing His Word to His fresh creative music… its new yet ancient. Its like going to the third Heaven and being there with Daddy YAH. So we call it Revelation Worship like in the Book of Revelation. See chapt. 4 and 5. I love it when everything just slows down and we know we are there with Him and we can hardly sing or breathe just hide and bow down in abandoned reverent love because He is so wonderful and He is sooo AWESOME!!! and HOLY!!!It’s been kind of hard to describe yet we still grow even closer as He allows us deeper into His Heart revealing to us what He really wants and who He really is as we seek Him out every day and night.

As we get ready to start Gary is usually always led to sound the shofar to the Lord we then invite Him and His Holy Angels to be with us while decreeing Christs Blood bought freedom for who so ever will receive all of His promises. We wait on Him and then we fly into His very Holy Presence. Then He gives the precious people what they need as He flows His truth and love thru us. Of course there’s much more to it than that yet we hope this gives you some understanding of who we are and whats going on. Be blessed! Be Revived! as Papa wills in Jesus Almighty Name…..We love You Papa YAH. You are Most High, Most Beautiful, Most Lovely, Most Creative, Most Gracious and Holy, Almighty and Wonderful! You are the King of kings and we are so happy to be Your little children. Thank You Jesus for letting us love you and help you and Papa do what You want to do.