Art – Acrylic Paintings

This is a new branch of Ministry for us. We believe the Lord has commissioned and called us to make these and other Sacred and Inspirational paintings available for the body of Christ at this time. We believe that He has told us to paint some of the visions that we have received.

This Art is very useful in many areas as an evangelistic and inspirational tool in Schools, Colleges, Bible Colleges, Houses of Prayer, Churches, House Churches, Homes, Businesses etc.

By ordering your Sacred piece of art you are helping us to reach the Nations with the Word and Song of the Lord. A portion of the profits will also go to help needy children in Israel and the USA.

The Scripture behind this particular painting is found in Revelation Chapter 1by the vision of John. The painting represents the Glorified Face of our Lord Jesus Christ as was seen through a vision by Rhonda a few years ago during a time of private worship. The style is modern and the paint is ultra thick, making the art 3 dimensional.

I have received many visions through the years and some during worship. Visions that have changed my life and encouraged me along. By sharing my Art with those that the Lord wills I pray to be an encouragement.

The painting process of this art and those pieces to come are done during a time of prayer and worship in private and or public.

This particular piece is very interesting when displayed on a wall with a blue light shining on it as well as regular soft lighting. There are iridescent highlights that will catch the light and glow with a pearly look. The gold and silver paint used here are very metallic and have a shimmer like the real metals of gold and silver.

I believe that he Lord has told me to paint some of visions and dreams I have had to encourage my Brothers and Sisters in Christ and to bring in funds for the Ministry and for us and our families.

When I saw His glorified face in the vision that is portrayed here, His eyes like fire, I instantly felt overwhelmed with His Love, compassion, conviction of my sin, mercy, forgiveness and a great longing to be near Him.

All of these feelings were rolled up into one. It was one of the most life changing experiences I’ve had to date. I am glad to share this with you. This first painting of His Glorified face is to stay here in our House of Worship and Prayer “My Fathers House”, yet I am very glad for you to commission me to paint one for you, or for you to give as a gift to someone dear to you. This would make a great gift to a Beloved Pastor for your Church or their home.

Coming soon: The plan is to start another original painting soon from a dream I had a few months ago of Yeshuas whipped back a close up view into the gashes He took for us as He bled on the cross, all from an aerial angle view. Titled …………. “By His wounds We Were Healed”.

The title of this painting shown here is “Rev. 1”  and is acrylic on canvas.  The canvas is sized at 40″h x 30″w – Acrylic paints used in this art are: Master’s Touch Titanium White, Antique Gold, Silver, Sky Blue, Crimson Red and Liquitex BASICS Iridescent Medium.

The suggested Love Offering of 1,700.00 or more includes the estimated shipping costs of $150.00

Donation for painting can be made through our secure website by way of PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or Check

Two donations of $850 can be made to help make it an easier payment for you if you like. The hand painted Sacred Art of the Glorified Face of Christ Yeshua will be shipped promptly when the suggested donation amount of $1700.00 or more is made complete. Contact us by clicking here if you would like to make arrangements for that or another payment method.

After you order will you please graciously allow up to 3 to 4 weeks for creation and shipment. Each painting will be similar to the one you see in the picture as each are individually painted free hand therefore each work of art is unique. First ordered first painted. Paintings are numbered and signed on the back right hand side.

Click here if you like to view more pictures of the developing art as it was in the stages till completion “Revelation 1” 

Titled “Isaiah 53:5 …the Passion of the Christ” I tried to capture the passion, the love and the great expense that our Christ paid for us. This is at the moment that He took His last breath and said to the Holy Father  “It is Finished”.

This Sacred portrait of Christ is now available for you to commission it to be painted in acrylic on canvas. The size of the canvas will determine the suggested love offering.

The size you see here is 11w x 14 L. To order a larger size will be a special order and can be made thru a phone call to our office or an email with your detailed order. The suggested love offering for the hand painting in this size shown including the shipment cost is $500.00 or more.

Two equal donations may be made to make it easier for you if needed. The portrait you see here is drawn in colored pencil yet now we are making this available in paint on canvas.

The painting when finished will be will be very similar to this free hand drawn portrait and the color of the paints will be more vibrant than what you see here in the colored pencil. The painting will also be of a 3 dimensional effect in modern art style.

We pray you are blessed.