What Is Behind The Winking Eye?

If you have the habit of “winking” with the eye or know someone that does then you should look into the Word of God to see what He says about the person that does it. Pro 6:12-15 ESV  A worthless person, a wicked man, goes about with crooked speech,  (13)  winks with his eyes, signals […]

The Proud Are Resisted by God. Don’t Be One of Them!

So why do Christians go around and say that they are so “Proud” of something or someone when God says that He resists the proud! He also said of His Only Begotten Son Jesus, “…in whom I am well pleased” Mark 1:11. He didn’t say He was proud of Him. The Greek word “eudokeo” is […]

Merchandising The Beauty

The Proud Look and Haughty Eyes – Watch Out!

In today’s culture the “LOOK” has been so much the thing, and sadly it has been with a lot of Christians too….the world teaches that one must have that look in their eyes and a “proud” stance to show confidence and to be sexy to attract the mate, or to have success. Beware…that is the […]

Prayer and Fasting

Prayer and Fasting In Secret Brings The Rewards of God

Why go around boasting about how much you have fasted and prayed? You shouldn't…in doing so you have received your reward from man…keep it in secret and you will receive your reward from God. We've heard it said to us "follow this person because he/she fasts much and surely they hear the voice of God!" […]

Neglect Not The Gift Within You And Stir It Up!

Paul reminds Timothy two times about the gift (Charisma) that was given unto him, that he was not to neglect it and to stir it up. We see it once in 1Ti 4:14 and again in 2Ti 1:6. 1Ti 4:14-15 KJV  Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, […]

All Scripture is God Breathed

No one should consider the Old Testament not useful for teaching. It is ALL God breathed. LORD bring the fear and reverence of Your Name and Word back to your people. Depart from the ways of the world! Return to God and His ways! Don't let into you through your ear and eye gates pollution […]

Grace Does Not Exclude Us From God’s Discipline

If you believe God is not angry anymore at the wicked or that He will not deal with you because you took Jesus and have His grace…think again. He chastises those He Loves. Grace does NOT exclude you from discipline. You are a DISCIPLE of Christ. *[[Psa 7:11]] KJ2000* God judges the righteous, and God […]