Saving Jesus From America – The Prayer Of 3 Year Old Noah

A few years ago during a time of worship and prayer that my wife and I were having we also had the honor of worshiping with a young boy by the name of Noah. He was approximately 3 years old at the time. The very name Noah is prophetic in itself for this end time generation, yet listen carefully to exactly what he said as he was unprompted and just invited to freely pray what was on his heart.

We felt the strong presence of the Holy Spirit and Read more

No Such Thing As Christian Yoga

A Christian is instructed in the Word to have no fellowship with devils…yoga worships other Hindu gods and devils .. There is no question about that…every Hindu knows it and will tell you Read more

No Kingdom Without The Blood

There are ministries who have been teaching that we do not need to preach to others about the “cross” and the “Blood” because it offends them and what they really need to hear is how to be successful in life and solve their life problems. People of Yeshua Jesus….without His Blood and the work of His cross there simply is no Kingdom! Watch this video to Read more

Avoid New Age Chakra Teachings

It’s almost hard to believe that any Christian would want anything to do with chakra new age teachings, yet as the Word says, some will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons. Watch out Church! Don’t fall for the Read more

Merchandising The Beauty

Christians Merchandising The Beauty

I want you to know, that the Lord, by His grace has brought my wife and I through a lot of dying to our flesh. In the beginning of my walk with Christ when I returned as a prodigal in the year 2000, before Rhonda and I even met, I knew the calling of God on my life to preach and lead in worship, but there was a lot of flesh going on with it. I made certain pictures or poses of myself with the Christian rock music that I was doing, now I did not uncover my flesh, but the pictures Read more

Does Jesus have a tattoo?

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? We encourage you to take the time and read this article concerning the subject. There are many people with tattoos today and it certainly has been increasing more and more as the “fad” or “thing” to do. It can be found among Christians who tattoo verses all over their body or artwork representing something of the Bible. Is this really a “holy” and acceptable thing to do as a Christian? Before I answer that question you must know that my wife and I Read more

New Bible Version Translation Errors – Why Choose KJV?

There are a lot of new translations of the Bible out there, and they have been getting worse and worse. Rhonda and I hold to the King James version of the Bible as one of the most accurate translations available, preferably the AV1611 version of it. We use it as our guideline anytime we read other new translations. I have sometimes Read more

Should Christians do horoscopes and study zodiac astrology?

If the title of this post does not make you shout a big “NO!” then you need to understand exactly what it is that you’ve been reading and listening to with horoscopes. Astrology is of Babylon. A work of witchcraft that will be destroyed by the LORD (Isa 47:11-13). The very names of the zodiac and meanings of horoscope signs are demonic at their root and are based in beliefs about other gods.  It certainly has no place in the life of a Christian to practice it. The belief in astrology teaches  Read more

Should Christians Do Yoga?

The LORD would not allow His people to even covet or bring into their house the silver or gold from the graven images of idols and gods. Because it was an abomination to Him. If they did bring it to their home it would be a curse to them and destruction would come. (Deut 7:25-26)

So why does a Christian think it is acceptable to do yoga in their house or to learn or teach the ways of an exercise with specific movements and stretches that were designed to worship another god or idol? The belief that is at the core root of the exercises and stretches of yoga is Read more