My Father’s House at New Smyrna Beach Florida

Information about My Father’s House can be found by clicking here.

Have questions? Call Us @ 844-544-5559 for more info.

  • Worship Area

  • Guest Bed

  • Guest Bedroom

  • New Smyrna Beach

  • Fresh Juicing

  • Guest Private Bathroom

  • Guest Floor Hallway

  • 2nd Floor Worship Room

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Modest Apparel Required

An important requirement is that at all times modest apparel is to be worn while staying here, although we are located right along the beach we are still obeying the Word of God and setting an example of Christ like modest apparel. If shorts, skirts or pants are worn, they need to be below the knee and loose fitting. No speedos, no skin tight exercise clothing such as yoga pants, bike pants, runner and tight spandex clothing. We also request shirts and tops to be modest with sleeves covering the shoulders and loose fitting. No low cut front or back tops, “no tight or cleavage showing tops”, no cropped, tank or bare back styles. No bathing suits. We believe YAHWEH has instructed us to obey His Word for modesty, not out of legalism but out of keeping a pure and holy environment for His Glory, to revere His Presence and the Holy Angels here, and to also honor and protect one another as Brother’s and Sister’s in Christ, and in honoring the marriages. This makes it easier for those here to guard their hearts and minds and enjoy an free atmosphere of true worship and prayer. Thank you for your Christlike understanding and cooperation with the Holy Spirit and obedience to His Word. This Christlike modesty in a prayer and worship environment is very needed so that we are honoring one another and not being a distraction or drawing unneeded attention to ones self. We believe this brings more Glory to the LORD and shows the Christ like honor and love to the other Brother’s and Sister’s attending. When we keep these guidelines of His Word and house rules we are assuring that we do not give an open door to the enemy or the fleshly (carnal) thinking that could cause wrong thoughts leading to sin. Thank you.