Mixture in Worship Music?

Some praise and worship teams in Churches today have taken secular songs as part of their worship services, and then the Pastors spiritualize it by teaching a parable from it. This is foolish, worldly and demonic, and is not the real Gospel, and is not the real Jesus, and is not the real lifestyle of a born again Christian. Leave the ways of the world behind and run after Jesus.



4 responses to “Mixture in Worship Music?”

  1. Martha mckinnon says:

    Love your music and preaching. You are so right.

  2. julie healy says:

    love your loving rebuke , I watched two of your videos and I must live under a rock , because I had no idea that new age sound techniques were in the church , much less the secular music , this is crazy ….I have seen such a departure from the original … our church hardly has communion anymore and only plays the popular christian music , church has been weird for some time now , however people are still getting saved , i love my church and have been going for a long time , but something is not quite right , and I cant get my head around it . Thank you for exposing these things in the light of of the word and please lift my church from calhoun , ga in your prayers …… I love my pastor and my pastors family ….I want our church to be that holy spirit filled presence of God church again .

    Julie Healy

  3. kathy says:

    Thank you Pastor Gary, for shooting this subject straight.Pure Worship is life giving. Praying Abba purifies all of our hearts to worship Him in the Beauty Of Holiness!!!!

  4. Langason says:

    Secular music does not give glory to God. Sacred music does!