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Ministry and Short Sabbatical Stays Available

Prayer, Worship & Selah at "My Father's House"

with Pastors Gary and Rhonda of Lilyband Psalmist

in New Smyrna Beach Florida

"Special walks on the beach, My Father's House truly is Fathers House!


It is evident!! Because His Presence is Heavy there! I can't wait to come back!!


- Tana R. (Texas)

Lab technician & daughter of the famous professor and Grandfather of herpetology Dr. James R. Dixon

My Father’s House at New Smyrna Beach Florida

Testimonials of My Father's House
My Father’s House is operated on a suggested love offering basis. Contact us for details for the amount. Stays also include all organic & all natural healthy meals prepared for you with love.

More Info @ 844-544-5559

  • Interior View

  • Soaking Room

  • 2nd Floor Worship Room

  • Guest Bedroom Fullsize Bed Setup

  • Guest Bathroom

  • Guest Bathroom

  • Guest Bedroom

  • Queen Bedroom Setup

  • Guest Floor Hallway

  • Guest Floor Hallway

  • New Smyrna Beach

  • Fresh Organic Juicing

Retreats & Sabbatical Stays

Come and be a guest of your King!

Contact us for details if you are being led to have a short sabbatical with the Lord. Pastors Gary and Rhonda Petzoldt of Lilyband Psalmist welcome you to enjoy “My Fathers House” on the beautiful Atlantic coast located in New Smyrna Beach Florida. There will be times of worship, prayer, ministry with Pastors Gary and Rhonda, and a time for you to be alone with the Lord free from distractions. You will have your own private floor for bed, bath and study area. Take walks with the Lord along the beautiful coastline and hear His voice and love for you. Ocean is walking distance and view from “My Fathers House”. If you would like to do so during your stay we offer fresh organic juicing to help detoxify and revive your body for His service. The meals are prepared here in our kitchen or brought in from the local health food store deli. We only serve pure organic and all natural foods, and  also offer various fresh organic salads, organic meats and fish. Other special diet requests can be made in advance.

A House of True Worship & Prayer – Consecrated & Holy Environment:

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to do as Yeshua did. Come away and be alone with the Holy Father. Your time spent here is very valuable and in order for you to get the most benefit in the shortest amount of time we do have a few house guidelines that are necessary, and we believe when you keep them it will greatly bless you and your Kingdom work for the Lord. By choice we do not have television or movies in My Father’s House, although we do have wi-fi internet. Our requested guideline is that you do not bring DVD’s, other outside worship music, or Ministry teaching books into the home. You can bring a laptop if needed, but we strongly encourage to use it only as a Bible study tool, an exception is made with the laptop or phone if you do need to use it to attend lightly to business or family matters. This is so your time is protected and spent to the optimum in clearly hearing His Voice and revelations for you, no man’s doctrine or opinions, just you and the Holy Father and His Word.

New age practices of any kind, such as yoga, are strictly forbidden. New age teas such as Yogi and coffees such as Starbucks are not allowed. We cheerfully provide organic coffees and teas. No smoking. No alcoholic beverages. No pets.

We believe you will quickly enter into deeper places of His Heart as you respect Him and us as overseers of this protected Holy environment. Thank you for understanding.

Modest Apparel Required

An important requirement is that at all times modest apparel is to be worn while staying here, although we are located right along the beach we are still obeying the Word of God and setting an example of Christ like modest apparel. If shorts, skirts or pants are worn, they need to be below the knee and loose fitting. No speedos, no skin tight exercise clothing such as yoga pants, bike pants, runner and tight spandex clothing. We also request shirts and tops to be modest with sleeves covering the shoulders and loose fitting. No low cut front or back tops, “no tight or cleavage showing tops”, no cropped, tank or bare back styles. No bathing suits.

My Father’s House is a Ministry house set apart unto the LORD for Ministry purposes only. Our modesty guideline is a Biblical command that we obey. This is a consecrated house of prayer and worship with a pure atmosphere.

We believe YAHWEH has instructed us to obey His Word for modesty, not out of legalism but out of keeping a pure and holy environment for His Glory, to revere His Presence and the Holy Angels here, and to also honor and protect one another as Brother’s and Sister’s in Christ, and in honoring the marriages. This makes it easier for those here to guard their hearts and minds and enjoy a free atmosphere of true worship and prayer. Thank you for your Christlike understanding and cooperation with the Holy Spirit and obedience to His Word. This Christlike modesty in a prayer and worship environment is very needed so that we are honoring one another and not being a distraction or drawing unneeded attention to ones self. We believe this brings more Glory to the LORD and shows the Christ like honor and love to the other Brother’s and Sister’s attending. When we keep these guidelines of His Word and house rules we are assuring that we do not give an open door to the enemy or the fleshly (carnal) thinking that could cause wrong thoughts leading to sin. Thank you.

1Tim 2:9-10 9. In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with modesty and sobriety; not with braided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; 10) But which becomes women professing godliness with good works.

Recent Testimonials of My Father’s House

Elisheva B.

I was at My Father’s House last weekend…..It completely changed my life, and the way I see the Father….I thought that I knew that God loved me…I thought I knew that He was always present….But He has revealed His amazing love for me in many awe inspiring ways during my stay at My Father’s House and it made me realize I didn’t really know what I thought I knew…He met me in a powerful way and I can never go back to the way I was…..
Rhonda and Gary were very welcoming, they greeted me when I got there, and Rhonda showed me around before a very healthy lunch. They were VERY gracious hosts! I was not used to the love that they poured out. Rhonda’s cooking was amazing, I’ve decided to go wholesome and healthy in my diet habits. The worship that came out of their living room was without words…the love they poured out to the Father just melted me to tears…..It gave me a renewed and ever increasing determination to live JUST for Him…. The love they poured out to one another was also an awesome testimony and witness to the love and the life-changing power of our Creator…
“Swimming” in the Ocean of His love has increased my love for Him, and my fire and passion for God has returned….my vision for ministry that He has given me years ago has also returned…The Father has even given me a new gift! I love to sing and play music on my keyboard and it’s always been my desire to worship Him using a stringed instrument. I’ve tried to learn guitar several times, but it didn’t stick. During my stay this past weekend, He has enabled me to learn and has given me a desire to use the autoharp….I cannot wait to begin!
I am so ready for new opportunities and new beginnings and He has spoken both into my heart…And I know that it is just the beginning…..The sunrises I watched rise over the ocean each morning that I was there were also without words, an awesome display of the Father’s love for me… And He has also given me some special little gifts in the many sea shells I collected when walking the beach… He met me at My Father’s House in a very personal, and powerful way….He has forever changed my life…EVERY believer NEEDS to have an experience like this…..and let it not be just an experience but a way of LIFE! All glory be to Him who sits on the throne, and unto the Lamb!! – Elisheva B.

Jill Denly

My recent stay at “My Father’s House “restored me physically and spiritually.  The moment we walked into “My Father’s House” we were greeted with open arms of warmth, love and kindness from Pastors Gary and Rhonda.  Every detail had been thought of to make our stay at “My Father’s House” a complete success.  Our accommodations were superb!  Pastor Rhonda’s cooking is a real treat, very nourishing and very tasty.  I came home with several new menu ideas which I have already incorporated into my family.  Thank you Pastors Gary and Rhonda in everything you do as it is excellent unto the Lord!

Daily walks on the beach were awesome! Coming from Southern California where seashells are limited, I was surprised on each of our walks we returned with pockets full of seashells!

My most cherished time was when we gathered to worship our Heavenly Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Glory of God was present.  Healings and prayers answered were testimonies of His Glory.  I had come to “My Father’s House” asking for 2 requests from my LORD. 

1.  LORD, please completely heal my ears of fluid from a severe inner ear infection that I had 2 months ago.  I had gone to several doctors and tried different medication with very limited results.  My hearing was diminished because of the fluid.  The first night of worship Pastors Gary and Rhonda prayed for my ears and my ears were healed!  The fluid is gone and my hearing has fully returned.  Thank you Yeshua, Amen and Amen.

2.  LORD, I desire to receive a deeper revelation of You LORD, Your Heart.  My precious Heavenly Father answered my request through a deliverance of a curse that had been spoken for 15 years.  Abba used Pastors Gary and Rhonda to expose and break the curse.   From this I received a deeper revelation of Trust in GOD.  HE always rescues HIS children.  Thank you Yeshua, Amen and Amen.

As our stay came to an end, we left “My Father’s House”, knowing that we would be returning.  The time I spent at “My Father’s House” was life changing! – Jill Denly

Klee Adonai Dance Ministry (California)

Amy Denly

My time staying at My Father’s House was such a beautiful gift from my Heavenly Father!

From the moment that I walked into My Father’s House, I felt like my Father’s Royal Daughter!

Pastor Gary and Pastor Rhonda have beautiful hearts of service and in every way they made us feel welcome and at home!

Every morning started out with fresh juice!!! What a wonderful treat and sacrifice of love from Pastor Rhonda and Pastor Gary. In the afternoon we had delicious salads and in the evening we enjoyed Pastor Rhonda’s specialties: homemade organic Pizza☺, Organic spaghetti and meat balls, organic baked chicken…I could taste Pastor Rhonda’s love to cook and to serve in every yummy bite!

I enjoyed all the beautiful places I could be alone with the Lord and admire His beauty through His creation! It was also a wonderful treat to walk along the Atlantic beach each morning and discover all the treasures that had washed onto the shore. 

There were many precious times of fellowship, prayer and worship with Pastor Gary and Pastor Rhonda. It was such an honor to worship and intercede with Pastor Gary and Pastor Rhonda as we ministered to the Lord and sought what was on the Lord’s heart.  The Spirit of the Lord moved powerfully through the times of worship.

During my time at My Father’s House, I was deeply ministered to by the Lord. I left My Father’s House strengthened, encouraged and ready to go forth to do what the Lord has called me to do! – Amy Denly

Klee Adonai Dance Ministry (California)

Tana R

Just wanted you to know words can not express, the Amazing time I had; I was overwhelmed by your Generosity of Spirit! You truly reflect Jesus in all you do! From driving the distance to pick me up in Orlando, to serving the meals and all the wonderful fellowship! All the wonderful organic juicing to the organic salads and snacks! Special walks on the beach, My Father’s House truly is Fathers House! I LOVE THE SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE that you both WALK IN. EVERYTHING IS DONE WITH PAPA IN MIND!! It is evident!! Because His Presence is Heavy there! I can’t wait to come back!! Thank you for obeying our Beloved PAPA! You are making a big difference!! EVERYONE NEEDS A FATHER’S HOUSE RETREAT!! LOVE YOU GUYS VERY MUCH – Tana R. (Texas) Lab Technician & daughter of famous late Professor & Grandfather of Herpetology Dr. James R. Dixon

Patricia R.

During my recent Sabbatical at “My Father’s House” I had the most incredible experience, I was treated like a Princess. The moment I walked through the door I felt the Presence of God. My experience was amazing, I feel closer to the Lord and my first love has been reignited. A new love I have for His word and desire to fellowship with my Lord. The worship times were also amazing, refreshing and life changing.

This experience made me feel like a new person. I do highly recommend a sabbatical stay at “My Father’s House”. I rate this a “Five Star” stay, the interiors are wonderful, very clean, the meals all organic and delicious. Found great enjoyment of quiet times, walking on the beach and relaxing with sounds of the ocean. I was refreshed and my life was transformed during my stay, already making plans to return again soon! – Patricia R.

Respiratory Therapist & Real Estate Broker

Victoria P.

Every time I hear LilyBand on apple radio I smile. Papa was so very good to His daughter to allow me to stay in His house. What a privilege and honor to get to be there in His presence and walk the beach with Him. Thank you for your love and kindness. The Lord has totally removed caffeine from my diet. I only need the stirring of Holy Spirit! Quiet time with The Lord most importantly will never be the same. The Lord stirred up a love in me to worship Him with my voice and guitar. My voice is very pure in that sweet place. Thank you Lilyband. Blessings, Victoria (Florida)

Business Owner Healthcare Provider & Minister

Lisa D.

It was an honor and blessing for me to stay at My Father’s House a prepared place for the Lord with the loving care of Pastor Gary and Pastor Rhonda. This is set aside home that shines with the Glory of God in every area. The Worship was Holy unto the Lord. The food was a blessing and so very delicious filled with lots of love prepaid by Pastor Rhonda. Our rooms were prepared beautifully and very comfortable. The long walks on the beach were so refreshing and renewing. My stay was a life changing experience for me. I’m looking forward to my next visit to My Fathers House.

Thank you Pastor Gary and Pastor Rhonda! – Lisa D.

Klee Adonai Dance Ministry (California)

Jackie D. Palmo

The God Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

I have just returned from “My Father’s House”,  a prepared place for the LORD’S presence here on earth as it is in Heaven.  For several years I have sought to find such a place. The moment I stepped into “My Father’s House”, I knew my prayer was being answered. It was as if I was stepping into deep fresh waters.  It was as if I was swimming in a ocean of deep deep fresh waters.  I came to hear the voice of the LORD within my spirit, and I did. Direction that I had been seeking from the LORD, came very clear as I was quiet before Him. The joy of the LORD is my strength, the LORD’s joy fills “My Father’s House”. Every detail within “My Father’s House”, is of beauty unto the LORD. From the serving dishes, to the food prepared for each meal, the bath towels , the very blankets upon the beds. Every detail is a glory unto the LORD!!! Everywhere I looked was a glory unto the LORD. This is all possible I know because of the love that Pastor Gary and Rhonda have for the ADONAI, they not only speak the Word, THEY LIVE IT.

It is time that the Bride of Yeshua take her place here on earth, one prepared for her Kings return. It is time to be made ready, people on the earth.

Come away with your Beloved Bridegroom King and be renewed as a eagle, strength to run the race and not become weary in well doing.  My Father’s House, is such a place here on earth!!! Shalom.

Jackie DePalmo
Klee Adonai Dance Ministry (California)
Paul & Brenda

Shalom……..Upon arrival at The Father’s House we were met at the door with warm welcomes & Blessed greetings. Their house had such an anointing throughout, with a fragrance of the Lord. We felt right at home, considering we had never met them before in person. Pastor Rhonda is an exceptional cook. Everything prepared was ‘all natural’ and organic. They made the food(s) so tasteful, we were pleasantly surprised.

If we were not sure about all organic food before, this was a great experience, because every dish had such a great flavor. Pastor Gary made us a carbonated drink, that we are going to try at home and Pastor Rhonda even gave me a recipe for a melt in your mouth ‘home-made peanut butter cups’.

There was not a dull moment. From praise and worship, to encouraging-engaging conversation. It was remarkably refreshing to walk on the beach praying with them. As I had searched ‘The Father’s House’ for their sabbatical information, I liked that they were rooted & grounded Biblically. My whole reason to take a retreat at The Father’s House was to hear my Father’s voice more clearly.

Well, (deep subject), my ears and heart were more opened thru meditation and scriptures shared. The Alive & Living Word is thriving in and thru Pastor Gary and Pastor Rhonda. For me, it was so special, BUT to my surprise, that was not all that God had planned for us. I have drawn all my life. It is such a joy, yet also, a battle for me to take the time and just do it. So, again to my surprise, when I walked into their anointed Worship room, Psalmist Rhonda, and Gary had an easel, with a huge bowl of paints, brushes and canvases to choose from.

I have never drawn or painted in front of anyone, usually only in the comfort of my own house. I painted my first picture, there, in front of them during worship, as I felt the anointing flowing. I felt such a healing in my heart from Worship. Also my lower back had been hurting before worship, and as I painted, it was healed. No pain at all the next day. I felt such a river of God flowing around me, protecting me in all I painted and after that experience. I’ll never be the same.

Upon the next nights worship service, the enemy was attacking, trying to prevent me from continuing, but Pastor Gary and Pastor Rhonda had an answer for that. I was having an upset stomach, and as we know, we are children of the Most High, and we are his Beloved. There is nothing more pitiful than the enemy trying to steal our worship time and we prayed on it before we began.

You know it, King Jesus showed up and showed off, and totally took over. Right after we prayed , I began to feel myself again. We are not battling flesh and blood, but spiritual wickedness in high places and the enemy wants to use that against us. As we stand on His Word, we are more than conquerors. Our Savior, Redeemer has won the battle, and as Children of the King, we too have the Victory!

We want to reiterate, that it was such a Blessing to worship with unscripted, anointed, led by the Spirit worshippers. They both bring such unique qualities, that together, they compliment each other even more! We look forward to what Abba Father has in store for us, and when we can return!

Kingdom Blessings, Paul & Brenda

Rita H
But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God (1 Sam 30:6)
Is the verse that firmly stood out in my spirit during my blessed stay at My Fathers House.
A place for those in the body of Messiah , who are actively pursuing Yahweh and His righteousness…. who are running the race of faith to win and fighting the good fight. Just as Yahshua needed to be isolated at times for intimacy with our Heavenly Father ,for prayer and to be refreshed, that was my experience at The Father’s House at the start of my recent 3 day stay I arrived weary from the battle and left refreshed, renewed and revived . Halleluyah
I highly recommend The Father’s House and its beautiful setting , to those who need a time of ……..Strengthening in the lord our God
Rita H
 West Virginia

What is the cost of a Retreat or Sabbatical Stay?

We operate on a suggested love offering basis. During your stay we will provide you with all pure natural and organic food and drinks. If you need to fly in at this time we can accommodate two guests in our personal vehicle for pick up at Orlando Florida International Airport (MCO), however if your group is larger than two please contact us for details for other transportation services available for you. The Orlando airport is 1 hour 20 minutes one way from My Father’s House. Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB) is only 30 minutes away from our location, however the flights going into Daytona Beach airport could be more expensive. Another choice of airport is the Sanford/Orlando Airport (SFB). We can pick you and a guest up at any of the airports listed above.

Presently we can accommodate up to two guests at one time. Call our office at 844-544-5559 or contact us to discuss the suggested love offering.

Are you ready to get away from it all and be alone with the Holy Father YAHWEH?

Your monthly support is needed and appreciated.

You can help the Lord establish and grow this Ministry by becoming a monthly financial supporter of My Father’s House to help secure the growth and continuation of this outreach to Ministers, Missionaries, and Intercessors who are in need of a rest and Sabbatical with the Lord. Not only will you be helping the Song and the Word of the Lord out to the Nations, but you will also be helping those precious Ministers who can not afford to give the suggested amount. Your financial sowing can be done through our secure online giving page or by sending your check/money order to:

Lilyband Psalmist - PO Box 765 - New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170 USA

If you would like to give an automatic reoccurring monthly gift call our office toll free at 844-544-5559. Thank you for obeying the Lord with your cheerful generous giving. It is much appreciated and needed! Be blessed to the optimum that He has for you as you sow into His work.

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