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Greetings and extreme blessings in the Name of our Wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

You and your loved ones are welcome and greatly encouraged to worship with LilyBand Psalmist and Pastors Gary and Rhonda Petzoldt, through their newly created station, “Nations Radio.” Nations Radio is a 24/7 free prophetic worship station for those who desire a closer, more intimate walk with Jesus Christ, who desire to be in His marvelous Presence, and who hunger and thirst to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth while receiving deeper revelations of His perfect love.

Gary and Rhonda are a husband and wife Prophetic Psalmist couple and lead a Worship and prayer ministry from
“My Father’s House” based in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Nations Radio is an outreach of My Father’s House. Nearly all of LilyBand’s library of music from the past 5 years will be available to you. At this time there is approximately 100 plus hours of music uploaded. The prophetic worship music this anointed couple writes and composes is spontaneous. As they minister in song unto the Holy Father, He then releases His songs of love, deliverance, truth, comfort, correction, and peace through His Holy Spirit to His people.

YAHWEH has given them the command and calling to make His Glory known throughout the entire earth — even as the waters cover the sea — and to feed His people with His truth in love — through their lives, through their songs, and through preaching His Holy Word. They love to truly and deeply worship Him in Spirit and in Truth and would love for you to follow Holy Spirit into Father’s Holy Presence, the Holy of Holy places where you will be deep and close into the Father’s heart, wrapped up in His arms and under His wings — beholding His Glorious beauty, feeling His love, and inquiring of Him. In His Presence is where Gary and Rhonda hear His Heavenly rhythms, new sounds, melodies, and harmonies — here on the earth even as it is there in His Heaven.

Gary and Rhonda humbly acknowledge that they are His Beloved children and He has sent them to do what He wills. They belong to YAHWEH and are not their own. They know that Yeshua, His Son, has destroyed all of His enemies and by His Holy Blood we are all victorious because we are in Him and He is in us! We are His Beloved, covered by His Blood and kept under His perfect loving care. Our Lord Yeshua Jesus is the true Vine and we His children are His branches — and we shall produce much good fruit for His Glory. There is nothing good that any of us can do apart from Him the True Vine, our Savior the Holy Christ. It is He that does awesome works thru His people by His love, Almighty power, and Holy Word. Gary and Rhonda have left the ways of the world far behind and are running hard after their Creator, their First Love, Faithful Father, their Music, and their Song, YAHWEH.

This anointed prophetic worship music on Nations Radio is reaching the peoples of the nations exponentially. Thank you in advance for your Holy Spirit-led prayers for these precious Saints and My Father’s House. Your generous heart to give to their Ministry as Jesus teaches and the Holy Spirit leads you is very much appreciated.Thank you for truly worshiping the Holy Father with us. Be extremely blessed of Him, He loves you so very very much! Let us hear from you. Psalm 103.

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