No Such Thing As Christian Yoga

A Christian is instructed in the Word to have no fellowship with devils…yoga worships other Hindu gods and devils .. There is no question about that…every Hindu knows it and will tell you that you can’t separate yoga from its root… The kundalini serpent spirit is what they believe is woken from the base of the spine when completing the positions. They believe you become yoked with these demons when you complete the stretches. People of Jesus. Demons are real and yoga really is a demonic root and these practicing yoga in Hindu are yoked by devils and they know it is real!. So how can anyone who is a Christian think that demonic doors can not be opened in your life when participating in it? You can not. That is a real thing that can happen. Don’t buy into the lies of the multimillion dollar industry that is pushing this exercise saying it is “only” exercise. You as a Christian can’t do yoga and then expect The true Living Elohim YAHWEH to not be Jealous! Don’t provoke Him to Jealousy! You are worshiping other idols when you are participating in it. It doesn’t matter how many churches are doing it. It is a sin for a Christian to be involved with it.

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