Pre-Tribulation Rapture of The Church

After much research in the Holy scriptures and through much prayer and hearing teachings from many well known men of God on both sides concerning the pretribulation rapture or the no pretribulation rapture theology Gary & Rhonda of Lily Band Psalmist firmly believe that surely Jesus Christ will set up His Kingdom when He returns to reign for the 1,000 yrs. Jesus will establish His righteous government with His return and it will not be dependent upon His Bride establishing it for Him before He returns. See Matthew chapter 25, read and remember the five wise and the five foolish virgins parable Jesus taught us…be prepared as the wise.

Gary & Rhonda believe the LORD is speaking fervently to His people to let His dominion rule through us now to reap the souls in  His harvest as the time is very near to Him rapturing His Bride away before the 7yr tribulation takes place. The 7 yr tribulation is a snare to all that are left behind. Luke 21:35. Jesus went to go and prepare a place for us and He will return to take those there with Him who are born again, sanctified, watching, waiting and are about His Kingdom business. See Revelation Chapters 1-4 and take serious heed as we believe that we are in this season now. We are also to be purifying ourselves even as He is pure, 1 John 3:3; for we have the hope and promise of His return, John 14:2-3. There is a place of safety and paradise to escape the wrath of God YAH and the hour of trial that is to come upon the whole earth. Isaiah 26:20 Are you ready?

Click here for a great teaching taught by Perry Stone. We highly suggest listening to his teaching CD.


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