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Welcome to Roar From ZION Prophetic Worship Radio. We believe you will find our new worship radio system much easier to navigate.

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Listen Anywhere – Follow Lilyband on Soundcloud From Your iPhone or Android

You can tune in to the Roar From ZION worship radio from your Android phone or iPhone by downloading the SoundCloud app from the market. After downloading the app, open it and search for “Lily Band Psalmist” and from there you can make your own playlist of songs or listen to those we have already made for you. Be sure to follow us on SoundCloud and you will receive automatic notifications on your phone when new songs are uploaded. May you be richly blessed by the Lord.

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Soaking playlist is softer tones of music and songs.

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"Endless Love" Spontaneous Worship Song

God is an endless love and He will always remain. We cry out to you YAHWEH to make known Your ways as You manifest Your Love...This soaking song "Endless Love" is from the prophetic worship and soaking music album "LOVE".

Spontaneous Worship Song "What Kind Of Love"

Spontaneous worship song recorded at the AWAKEN TO LOVE worship and revival meeting with Lilyband Psalmist at Overflow Fellowship in Houston TX. 02/21/2014

Track #5 "Heavens Throne" Soaking Music

This spontaneous soaking music and song "Heavens Throne" is taken from track 5 of the album "Heavenly Visitation".

Soaking Music Track #12 "Shine" from "Garden Gate Rain"

This meditation music and soaking music is from track #12 entitled "Shine" available on the album "Garden Gate Rain".

Spontaneous Worship Song "King of The Nations"

Spontaneous worship song from the album "Submerge Us".

Soaking Song "Submerged In Your Love"

Soaking music and prophetic song from the album "Submerge Us".

Prophetic Song "Let Us See Your Glory" from album "Papa"

This spontaneous prophetic song is from the album "Papa"

Soaking Song "You Hide Us" from album "CAPTIVATE"

This soaking song is from the album "CAPTIVATE".

Spontaneous Song "Ready Bride" from album "CAPTIVATE"

Be a "Ready Bride" for Yeshua. Watching, waiting and being prepared for His return. This spontaneous song is from the album "CAPTIVATE".

Prophetic Spontaneous Song "Trample Down The Enemies"

Spontaneous worship song from the album "The LORD my ROCK".

Spontaneous Worship "Nothing Like The ROCK" – Lilyband Psalmist

This spontaneous worship Christian rock song "Nothing Like The ROCK" is from the album "The LORD my ROCK".

Meditation Music – Spontaneous Orchestral Arrangement "Majestic Peace"

This meditation music is a spontaneously composed orchestral arrangement from the album "Majestic Peace".

"End Times Declaration" from Album "In The Glory Fire"

This prophetic worship song and word came forth from the Lilyband Psalmist worship meeting at Glory Fire Church in Sanford Florida of Oct 2013. It is available on the album "In The Glory Fire"

Prophetic song for 2014 "The LORD MY ROCK"

We believe this prophetic song is a right now word for the Beloved Children of YAHWEH for the year 2014. This prophetic song is available on the album "The LORD My ROCK"

Prophetic Word For 2014 (Spoken)

Hear the prophetic word for 2014. This word came forth New Years Eve just before midnight. The prophetic word is a must hear for the Church and the world. The spoken word is available for a free download by clicking the download button in the audio player. It is also available with the prophetic worship album "The LORD My ROCK" that was recorded shortly before this spoken word for the people and the Church on New Years Eve during a private time of worship. 12-31-2013

"Shema O Yisrael"

Spontaneous orchestral music and decrees from the Word of God found in the book of Isaiah from chapters 44 & 45. Holy Spirit led prayer intercession.

Be Good To My Soul

This spontaneous praise and worship song came forth on 12-06-2013 at a small private worship gathering at a friends home. Let  your cup run over as the LORD restores your soul.

HalleluYah Spontaneous Praise

Spontaneous worship song recorded 09/06/2013 in Mt Dora FL at Garden Gate Tea Room. Available on the album "El Shaddai"

"Beloved's Cry"

Spontaneous prophetic worship song "Beloved's Cry" from the album "ALPHA OMEGA".


A spontaneous orchestral music composition from the album "Majestic Peace"

"In His Courts"

Deep prophetic worship and prayer intercession from the album "In His Courts"

"Me and You Father"

This spontaneous worship song "Me and You Father" came forth during the Revival and Worship meeting on 05/24/2013 in Evansville Indiana. This song is from the 2 disc album "Jesus Generation".

"In My Father's House"

Prophetic song "In My Father's House" came forth 05/17/2013 at the Revival and Worship meeting in Evansville Indiana. This song is available on the album "Amazing Grace"

"Amazing Grace – Song of Revival"

This spontaneous version of "Amazing Grace" was recorded during the Revival and Worship meeting in Evansville Indiana on 05/17/2013. This album "Amazing Grace" carries spontaneous songs of revival for the end time harvest of souls.

"You've Got Something To Testify!"

You've got something to testify! What has the Lord Jesus done for you?!? Come on and leave your shout! Rev 12:11

"Shadow of Your Wings"

Spontaneous prophetic worship song recorded 04/12/13 at the Revival and Worship meeting in Evansville Indiana. Available on the album "Psalm 91"

"Power in The Blood"

Spontaneous prophetic song from the album "Power in The Blood"

"Wake Up"

This prophetic spontaneous song was recorded on 03/30/2013 at a private worship gathering. It is from the album "Wake Up Sleepers"

"Power in The Blood" Short Version

Spontaneous prophetic song recorded on 01/19/13 in Evansville Indiana. Available on the album "Power in The Blood"

Bamboo Flute Music

Bamboo flute music by Lilyband Psalmist from the album "Prophetic Flute Intercession"


Extravagant love and Holy Blessings to you from our Lord Yeshua!  ZION Radio is here for you now. Youtube video is also available with the music 24/7. The Lord said “if you love Me feed my sheep”. He told us to feed His people so we desire to share His prophetic worship songs and teachings to edify, instruct, encourage and lovingly warn the Church in this end time season that we live in so that we all are better prepared for the catching away of the Church by the Lord Jesus. This Word of YAH in music and Song also causes us all to be revived and strong to bring in His Harvest of precious souls all for His Glory. ZION Radio is quickly growing more and more fruitful while also developing new ways to reach out into more foreign countries that cannot order our CDs thru the regular mail. We are currently reaching many countries and with your help we can reach more. Gary and Rhonda also plan to have scheduled time slots of teaching and preaching from the Word of the Holy Father soon. The prophetic worship you hear playing is from many live private worship sets and public Revival worship and prayer meetings recorded in various places. The songs and music are spontaneously sung and played from the Word of God as is led by the Holy Spirit with Pastors & Psalmist Gary and Rhonda Petzoldt of Lily Band Psalmist Ministry.


If the Good Lord wills you can visit the Lilyband Storehouse page to hear more, find and order the CDs and Mp3s that you see posted here. ZION Radio is reaching many Nations and precious souls with the Song and Word of the Lord God YAHWEH. We seek to give the Holy Father Glory and to make further known His Glory. This is geared to be a free 24/7 station. By Yeshuas Grace we are encouraging and equipping His Beloved Church while also leading the lost to Him. The Lord Yeshua is working many signs, wonders and miracles through His Word for His Beloved in these Songs and music thruout the earth. We need your help to reach more souls. When you sow your love offerings here or order CDs and Mp3s from the Lilyband Storehouse you are sowing into good fruitful ground! We believe you will be very blessed. His Word is Powerful real truth and His Holy Word works!


If the Lord is speaking to you to sow into this outreach you can do so by using the secure love offering info at top of this page to enter the amount you would like to give. Thank you for your cheerful giving to the Lords work to support ZION Radio outreach and Lilyband Psalmist Ministry. As you give, be extremely and extravagantly blessed 100x with all that He wills for you. Thank you again for being a co-laborer in the precious harvest of souls in the Nations as we all together by His Holy Spirit make known the knowledge of His Glory throughout all the earth even as the waters cover the sea. Hab 2:14