Recent Guests at My Father’s House

Shalom Beloved’s of Yeshua,

What a blessing it is to be meeting and fellowshipping with the Beloved’s of the Lord who are coming to My Father’s House. Over this past weekend a very special and anointed Holy dance team from California flew in and came for a Sabbatical time with Yeshua. They are four consecrated women unto the Lord who are pursuing His Holiness in their lives and dance with pure modesty of both inward and outward adorning. Two new prophetic worship and soaking recordings were recorded during their time here with us, and what a powerful time in the Holy Spirit it was indeed! The recordings are “Harvest of the Nations” and “You Have Sustained Me”. Through the leading of the Ruach HaKodesh they danced unto YAHWEH with prophetic actions and declarations to decree over the Nations all the Lord Yeshua willed for them to. Thank you precious Sister’s in the Lord for coming and being obedient to release what the Lord had for you to release. They left here refreshed in His Presence and heard the loving directions of His Heart that they were seeking. To YAH be the Glory!

More info on reserving a My Father’s House stay is available here.

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