“You Can’t Judge Me” – An UnBiblical Statement

If you are seeking a Church that gives what you call non-judgment message, then what you are saying is that you want a non-offensive message to tickle your ear. The flesh will always like to feel comfortable. Judgment begins at the house of Yahweh and the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors & teachers all have the responsibility to teach the whole Word of God through reproving, rebuking and exhortation (). His Word is sharp and when it is preached the conviction comes into ones heart. () 

Perhaps you are thinking that judgment sounds rather harsh but it really is simply “discerning” fruits. When one says “You can’t judge me only God can!” it really is not the truth. We can all judge or discern by the fruit of ones life if they are behaving in a sinful pattern, and even Jesus said we could make judgment to help the others as long as we did not do it with hypocrisy. First take the log out of our own eye before making the judgment so you can be clear to discern. () 

Judging is part of life. It is used when someone votes for people in the office. You are judging the candidates by their words, actions and past history to weigh out what candidate will best work for the position, and as a Christian voter we use wisdom by applying Scriptural principals. The statement “You can’t judge me!” is so full of pride and rebellion. If sin is not preached against then it has become a non-offensive message that will leave a lukewarm soul.  I don’t agree when people say I just catch the fish and leave it up to the Holy Spirit or Yeshua to clean them. Catching fish is a messy job and cleaning them is too. The process of catching and cleaning is how a true disciple of Yeshua is made by nurturing them along in the Word of Yahweh. Apostle Paul judged the Corinthian Church and the state of it when he said that he could not feed them spiritual meat but only milk, because they were still babes and in the carnal flesh. (1Corinthians Chapter 3) What a mess the Church would really be in today if there was absolutely no preaching against sin, yet it is prophecy that says many will come in these last days heaping to themselves teachers having itching ears desiring to hear what they want to hear….. essentially the non-offensive message. ()

But what about the goodness of Yahweh that leads one to repentance? () Does not that scripture mean you can’t judge me? No it does not. What it refers to is when an unbeliever comes to Yeshua they realize that His grace and goodness was over their lives sustaining them as He patiently waited. This was not written to say that Pastors should only preach on God’s goodness. Throughout the Bible from beginning to the end we find that Yahweh is declaring His Word of coming judgment to those who do not repent, and that sin if not repented of will keep one out of eternal life with Him. () Grace is the safety net, but not the license to continue practicing sin, and if not repented of it will keep you out of Heaven.

There are other ministries today who identify that Jesus is their Lord, but they teach you don’t need to preach the message of the cross because it will offend people. They claim when people are offended they will not want to hear about Christ, thereby ruining ones ability to reach them even further. What kingdom are they trying to build? Man’s or Yahweh’s? Obviously mans. Apostle Paul said that he preached the cross and Christ crucified. ( and ) He was not ashamed of that Gospel message of the cross either. We should not back away from preaching against sin, and if someone has decided to do so, then I question whether or not they have the real fire of the Holy Spirit in them. The fear of man is a trap () and it will keep one from moving out with boldness if it is not dealt with. 

So for the kingdom ministry teachers who only teach how to make a better life for their self and others here on the earth they essentially have become earthly “life coaches”. We’ve even heard someone with our own ears in a meeting teaching to not wear Christian t-shirts because it ruins the witness of Christ bringing the offense. Furthest from the truth, in fact wearing witness t-shirts have opened opportunities up when people have asked a question about the statement written on it and I got to share the message of hope in the cross to them. Sometimes the t-shirt message will offend others, but in the end God’s truth is preached and we should never stop preaching or wearing witness shirts because of some offense that may happen. Don’t give in to the fear of man, you have a powerful witness to share. Your testimony and the blood of Yeshua! 

This concept of teaching to please peoples ears and make their self better in this life is a dangerous one. Nothing wrong with prosperity, as God is for that. (), but the tickling ear message does not deal with sins that can keep one out of eternal life in heaven. It does not reprove or rebuke such sin to point them to repentance, but instead has only become a “life coach” message of hope here on the earth. Yeshua warns us when he told the parable story of the rich man as he looked around at his life and said  “vs 18… This will I do: I will pull down my barns, and build greater; and there will I bestow all my fruits and my goods. 19, And I will say to my soul, Soul, you have much goods laid up for many years; take your ease, eat, drink, and be merry.” () Sadly in this parable the man missed the point, he had everything here on the earth to make his soul pleased, but he had no riches in his heart to Yahweh, and his soul was to be required that very night. 

Let there be a whole balance in teaching the goodness and severity of our Holy Father Yahweh. He is to be revered and honored with our everyday lives. Be blessed with His Almighty Love and Grace as He supplies it richly to you in Yeshua.

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