Part 2 of 2014 Prophecy

We believe the 2014  prophecy of the American new year, the LORD our God YAHWEH, through the Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit and Fire is shining His Light upon men, women and children’s hearts, mind, soul, spirit and emotions. The Lord is shining His Light so that people will see, and they will realize that they have been following man, mans agendas, and traditions of religion, and even forms of witchcraft, instead of following the True Living God YAHWEH and following His Word. Position yourself by repenting and asking the LORD to forgive you of ANY wrong beliefs, actions, spirits that have disguised themselves as an angel of light. It looked like the truth and may have sounded like the truth, and it may of even had what looked like good fruit, but the truth is if it doesn’t agree 100% with the Holy Word of God, it is false. You will know this Truth and all you have to do is receive it, and then with His power walk in it. We also believe the 2014 prophecy for the new year is where the Lord is revealing deceptions in the Church and in the world. The spirits of anti-Christ and apostasy are being revealed to the heirs of salvation so that they have a choice. When we ask to know the Truth, His Truth will set us free. Therefore 2014 is the time, because of the urgency, more than any other time, this is the end times for us all to cry out to the Holy Father through the Lord Yeshua to show us if there is any wicked way within us, or any deception, so that we can only walk in His Light and obedience.

Many well known Ministers and Churches that have been very popular in the past, the LORD is revealing the deception and falseness that has been leading people astray. There may be a lot of talk about prosperity being poured out this year, and that is all well and good if it is truly from the LORD and His way, but I tell you that the richest of men and women are those who are those who are leaving the things of the world and dying to self, and repenting of sin and being truly obedient to the Holy Father by purifying themselves even as He Yeshua is pure and making themselves ready for the catching away of His Bride, before the great tribulation. It can only do you good, to be ready and it can only harm you to say that the Lord postpones His coming and not believe in this preparation time that He is truly keeping His Word, and truly He will make the shout and catch us up and out. No man knows the day or the hour, but only the Father Himself, yet we are commanded to be ready and watching at all times, what manner of persons should this encourage you to be.

Be blessed with His Almighty and Perfect Love,

Pastors & Psalmist Gary and Rhonda Petzoldt


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