Prophetic Word 2015 For The Nations

The LORD YAHWEH is calling for the Jeremiah’s to wake up and speak the Word of Elohim to the Nations. To build and to plant, to pluck up and to destroy. His Glory is arising and His waters are getting deeper as He continues to bring all the pieces together for the Harvest time. It is a generation that must climb the Holy hill, it is a must! The generation of Jacob that seeks His face! He is shaking the desire of all Nations and they will bow down underneath the wings of His righteousness as He rules them with a scepter of iron. All the Nations bow down to Yeshua. It will be just one moment of time in the blink of an eye as He splits the skies, simply just one moment just in time. His Majesty! His face that outshines the sun! His hair is white as wool, as white as snow! His eyes are like a flame of fire! The King of Glory is returning soon. Let us be ready to meet Him and pray that we are counted worthy to escape all these things that are coming on the face of the earth.


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