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We are cheerfully offering this 24/7 radio as a free gift to those who truly can not afford to purchase CD’s, MP3’s or Lilyband Worship music on iTunes. If you are being ministered to and fed by this Radio Ministry and you can give, will you cheerfully help us with regular monthly financial support by being a co-laborer in the harvest of souls with us? The Lilyband Psalmist worship songs are reaching people here in America and many other Nations each day by the 1,000’s. Thank you for your Holy Spirit led prayers and your love offerings to help keep us going. Be extremely blessed.

2 Corinthians 9:6-8 But this I say, He who sows sparingly shall also reap sparingly; and he who sows abundantly shall also reap abundantly. 7) Every man according as he purposes in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loves a cheerful giver. 8) And God is able to make every grace abound toward you; that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work


Extravagant love and Holy Blessings to you from our Lord Yeshua!  ZION Radio is here for you now. Youtube video is also available with the music 24/7. The Lord said “if you love Me feed my sheep”. He told us to feed His people so we desire to share His prophetic worship songs and teachings to edify, instruct, encourage and lovingly warn the Church in this end time season that we live in so that we all are better prepared for the catching away of the Church by the Lord Jesus. This Word of YAH in music and Song also causes us all to be revived and strong to bring in His Harvest of precious souls all for His Glory. ZION Radio is quickly growing more and more fruitful while also developing new ways to reach out into more foreign countries that cannot order our CDs thru the regular mail. We are currently reaching many countries and with your help we can reach more. Gary and Rhonda also plan to have scheduled time slots of teaching and preaching from the Word of the Holy Father soon. The prophetic worship you hear playing is from many live private worship sets and public Revival worship and prayer meetings recorded in various places. The songs and music are spontaneously sung and played from the Word of God as is led by the Holy Spirit with Pastors & Psalmist Gary and Rhonda Petzoldt of Lily Band Psalmist Ministry.


If the Good Lord wills you can visit the Lilyband Storehouse page to hear more, find and order the CDs and Mp3s that you see posted here. ZION Radio is reaching many Nations and precious souls with the Song and Word of the Lord God YAHWEH. We seek to give the Holy Father Glory and to make further known His Glory. This is geared to be a free 24/7 station. By Yeshuas Grace we are encouraging and equipping His Beloved Church while also leading the lost to Him. The Lord Yeshua is working many signs, wonders and miracles through His Word for His Beloved in these Songs and music thruout the earth. We need your help to reach more souls. When you sow your love offerings here or order CDs and Mp3s from the Lilyband Storehouse you are sowing into good fruitful ground! We believe you will be very blessed. His Word is Powerful real truth and His Holy Word works!


If the Lord is speaking to you to sow into this outreach you can do so by using the secure love offering info at top of this page to enter the amount you would like to give. Thank you for your cheerful giving to the Lords work to support ZION Radio outreach and Lilyband Psalmist Ministry. As you give, be extremely and extravagantly blessed 100x with all that He wills for you. Thank you again for being a co-laborer in the precious harvest of souls in the Nations as we all together by His Holy Spirit make known the knowledge of His Glory throughout all the earth even as the waters cover the sea. Hab 2:14

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  1. Mr Blair Logsdon
    Mr Blair Logsdon says:

    Dear Lillyband , Your Prophetic Worship Music , …. Has Truly Blessed My Life .. to Obey The Lord Jesus .. to Help me deny self and follow the Narrow Path that Leads to Life … Which is Jesus The only Way the Truth and the Life …. Your Cds and Your Older Cds …. Are So Beatifully Anointed ,,, and Brings into the Presence of Holy God….. Im overwhelmed by Your Cds …… My dream is Have every one one day….. Because…… They Help me …. Follow the Lord …. and remind to flee the the broad road that leads to destruction ,, Your Profectic Worship Cds …. Have The Life of Jesus…. in Them……. I keep Coming back to living Water …. I See Jesus and Hear Jesus ……. Through Your heavenly sounds of The Kingsdom of Heaven …….. Marantha come Lord Jesus !… a eunuch

  2. Rachel Lev
    Rachel Lev says:

    I have no words to express my feelings when i listen and sing and dance with your songs .
    your music enters to the deep places of my soul makes me closer to the beloved Father God.
    I love you and bless your service to the world.
    Israel .
    (Thank you for the newsletter)

    • Mr Blair Logsdon
      Mr Blair Logsdon says:

      I agree Rachel .. i’ve blessed too by their Music… My Name is Mrblair its neat find some else Loves their Holy Ghost Music Too .. … My Dream is Worship with Them &others Saints To Jesus Our Lord! .. One Day .. The Lord will Provide …. Hope every Gets That’s chance .. at least all Worship in Spirit Through Zion Radio Thanks to Jesus…….

  3. Lilgirlofzion
    Lilgirlofzion says:

    I like to go in a spare room and just pray……I enjoy the time spent praying and bowing before my God. I always go in and put on music, but one day i looked up a few songs with a psalmist in them. something I had been asking God all about different types of prayer. I believe God was showing me something about David and music. The fact is David was a psalmist and spoke God’s truth in a music like prayer. Its amazing when you know you can continually pray in all different kinds of ways to praise GOD. When i found this song called “Deep in the river”. I fell to my knees and cried, it was exactly what i was searching for. I played it over and over again enjoyed the fact that i can bow before my GOD….and get deeper into the waters of him!!!! LOVE IT!! Thanks for speaking God’s truth!

  4. Juan N Melanie
    Juan N Melanie says:

    We are blessed above and beyond measures with Gary and Momma!! in 2010 was the year that we came to the first worship meeting, and every since , we made sure to join in all the meetings here in Houston TX, many blessings, the Lord spoke through them to us about family ministry ,and a few years later that came to pass, we have a family ministry! Glory be to God!! They both showed us by examples , Purity, Holiness and Fear of The Lord! Thank You Lord! They Spiritually ministered to us one on one in private settings and took the time to pour into our lives , a family of four! God is good all the time!! all praise and honor and glory be to Him!! All the music we have got from them , has blessed us to receive revelation knowledge through the Holy Father, we listen all the time we are tuned in always! I personally love each and every single album, we learn so much , its a teaching, equipping and much more , learned so many bible verses in the beginning and till this day we are still learning, these are Our Spiritual Parents and we are pleased to say God ordained this for His Perfect Will To Be Done! Holy! we have many testimonies and will be sharing with you all very soon! Excited as The Lord is having His Way through Gary and Momma! We Love You Both! Blessings of Abundance In Jesus Name! Everybody Be Blessed, Be Encouraged , Be Blessed Children of The Lord!!!!

  5. Sue
    Sue says:

    This week with Exodus international closing down and the supreme courts decisions to strike down doma and prop 8 I was vexed in me soul. Another ministry I was supporting has taken a wrong turn embracing new age doctrines . Along with other challenges in the work place because of the new changes in medicare created by Obama care. All you want to say is stop the madness. So It is so good to come and sit under a God fearing faithful minstry and worship Him in spirit and truth. It has been balm for my soul.

    • Mr Blair a Eunuch
      Mr Blair a Eunuch says:

      Dear Sue , Did You say Exodus International Ministries for Ex Gays is Closing ? … There is Love in Action ….. Please Reply , You can Find Love in Action, on You Tube its Ex gay Ministry Bringing Healing to Ex Gays and familyis of Ex Gays & Ex Trans ,, Trying Follow The Way…. Jesus……. And walk New Life and Glorious Freedom in …. in Him Jesus …….Ilove Jesus He Only Man who Laid Down His Life For me & Suffered for all of Us ……. So we Can Have Eternal Life …. And Walk in True Freedom Knowing Our True identity in Jesus………… Keep Your Eyes on Jesus! & ears on Zion Radio Helps a lot ….. with Words of Jesus Found in Holy Bible !

    • Mr Blair a Eunuch
      Mr Blair a Eunuch says:

      Dear Sue The Name is Called Love Won Out , on You Tube … Thank You Zion Radio , letting post This .. Which So Needed Those Coming out of Sexaul Sin Today .. Love Won Out ..u tube . , In Jesus Mr Blair

  6. Earl
    Earl says:

    Gary and Rhonda have been so anointed of The Lord . I put my earphones in and to tell you the truth their music is the only music I can fully understand with my earphones cause of hearing loss .im not claiming the loss here but giving The Lord all praise for wonder working
    Power in my weaknesses he shows forth his strength!!! Everyone else’s music well something is just missing from other musicians lives maybe the sacrifices of obedience ?The Lord be the judge .I can’t hear the words from other musicians without my hearing aids like I can Gary and Rhonda’s its because its spirit and it ministers to my spirt and my ears are opened to the truth!be blessed knowing that this music will take you right to the throne room for it does me as it will also you! Gary and Rhonda have paid the price with all sacrifices of obedience it’s great to have them as vessels of The Lord all for his his glory!!! Amen

  7. kathy
    kathy says:

    Dear Pastors Gary and Rhonda,
    Thank you for sharing the Feast of Tabernacles video. The Power and Presence of God is sooooooo strong on this worship session!!!!!!
    I was caught up into His Throne Room with such Joy!!! Just want to Praise Him Forever!!!!!!
    Thank you for using the giftings He has imparted to you, for His Bride.

    Many Many Many BLessings to you

  8. monica johnson
    monica johnson says:

    My sister has recently introduce me to the sound of lilyband prophectic worship.
    For me it is a worship experience of the awareness of Elyhoim breath and love.
    Thank you for being father sons activating and releasing the NOW sound answering the earth cry.

  9. Shawnee Boykin
    Shawnee Boykin says:

    Rhonda and Gary,
    Hallelujah! My dear friends, my heart is full to see your music going out and available to the world. The breath of I Am is flowing and blowing strong as ever in your worship and I am extremely grateful. I have worn out the cd’s you gave me and am buying all I can. We sure do miss y’all, and look forward to being in Abba’s presence with you hopefully again soon.

    Loving you from Houston,
    Shawnee Boykin

  10. Deborah Campell
    Deborah Campell says:

    My Lord the worship takes you straight into the Throne Room!!! It is so anointed and sacred!! The atmosphere takes you into the Love of the father . Real Worship!! It is about you Holy Father!!! Lord i love you Jesus!!

  11. Mary Babineaux
    Mary Babineaux says:

    Pastor Gary and Rhonda , Your anointing Worship Music brings so much Power and Healing !! I listen to it Day and Night his presence is so so sweet and beautiful ..Want to
    say Thank You so much . I have received Healing and just takes me with Him to another level . What a BLessing you Both are to the Kingdom here Now. Love you Both.

    Mary B.

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