The Foundations Are Shaking – Are You Rooted In Jesus?

The foundations are shaking and you better be sure you are rooted in Jesus and not the ways of the world. This shakedown is for the end time purpose of His will to be done. Get ready Church. The threshing floor has come and the only thing coming out of it is His purified Bride.

Holiness is resounding again …it will shake and roll the entire earth as creation groans for this purging and birthing. The warning sirens of REPENT are sounding and you better not play games with Him…any moment He can return!

He doesn’t have to wait for the Church to realize her Bridal identity before doing so…that was accomplished at Pentecost. Wake up Church! Get ready! Your King is approaching and the Fathers command to send Him is near. Repent!

3 responses to “The Foundations Are Shaking – Are You Rooted In Jesus?”

  1. Mr Blair Logsdon says:

    This soooo Humbling……&powerful Truth Maranatha !.. This overwhelming Revelation of Jesus Christ……. You r Hearing….. from Jesus……………..

  2. Ms trina says:

    Such an awesome and soul stirring word from the heart of God’s servants, keep crying loud!!!

  3. Tumelo says:

    We thank Yeshua for edifying our spirit with this word.i also pray for his mercy upon your lives as you continue to sound the alarm…..Amen

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