You Have Sustained Me

We His Children are all learning to trust Him so much more than before, to rest in His Love, oh how He is faithful in the storm! He truly keeps us through it all. He is the King of the universe, the Majesty on High. Truly YAH has sustained His people as the enemy has had a plan, but the LORD is revealing it, driving it back and stomping on it! He is revealing Himself to the little ones and they are receiving Him. In the pursuit of His Holy Presence we continue to go higher chasing after the prize of the High calling in Him. During this time of worship the Lord showed me (Gary) in the Spirit that His Children who are diligently seeking Him are on the stair steps of His Love, helped and strengthened by the Holy Angels as we ascend the Holy hill getting closer to Him. May we all yield to the refining process for we have the hope of His return, so let us be pure even as He is. 1 John 3:3


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  1. michael says:

    Yes Day and night. Scripture to scripture. Revelation to revelation.Hope to hope. Realizing what we were created for? to be wonders.
    Samson found water, sure he did. Moses found a fire and a voice. Noah found words, built and sailed to a better place. Jacob found a ladder..David found a mountain (psalm 30) the more you receive the higher your heavenly heart goes!. Jonathon found honey by the trees and it enlightened his eyes..Revival here and revival there!. Believers believe it and are quickened.:Look at the book of Isaiah full of wonder ,judgment, power, praise (no wonder the Isaiah scroll is kept protected in Israel)
    Hebrews 12 “ye are come to mount Zion unto the city of the living God the heavenly Jerusalem and to an innumerable company of angels” (I wanna hear angels speak wonders).Samuel knew to not let one word fall to the earth- 1Samuel3:19
    Solomon found a heart as wide as the sea (what kind of revival could that heart bring? a type of Jesus).
    Jeremiah spoke “will a man leave the snow of Lebanon which cometh form the rock of the field? or shall cold flowing waters that come form another place be forsaken?”
    God forbid!
    “there soul shall be as a watered garden”-jeremiah31
    Let it be.

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